Saturday, January 24, 2009

ASR Weekend In San Diego

The last four days have been awesome! I drove up to San Diego at 4 in the morning on Thursday with eric for ASR. It was a lot of fun and I got to meat lots of nice and important people. Got some good contacts that will hopefully take me somewhere. Got lots of stuff done this weekend and had an awesome time hanging out with everyone. Here are some photos from the trip

Kasper is on crazy dude but he is one of my favorite guys to hang out with and shoot photos of. Kasper hadn't skated in like 3 weeks he said when we picked him up. He said he really wanted to try a trick that i can't say down Carlsbad gap. No way we were going to turn down the oppertunity to watch kasper skate his old stomping grounds so we took off to cbad. When we got there this kids was hucking himself down the gap. I bet it made him a little nervous knowing that Josh  Kasper was watching him

Zac doing a nice back smith at Washington Street park. This place was just to gnarly. Over vert everywhere and the gnarliest quarter pipes and bowl iv ever seen. It was way to intense for me to skate so I just shot some photos.

Some of the guys taking a break from skate Washington street. 

After a long day at ASR me, eggy, deezle, tom, and brandon decided to go skate for a bit before the sun went down. We went to this gap I remembered seeing during a previous SD trip and Tom bs flipped it like 4th try. Dude rips 
Carney showed up to ASR on friday. It was good to see that guy again, he's one cool dude. 
Eric and Kenny repping the new shirts . Kenny drew all the graphics for the new siren boards and shirts. They are look super good

Some of the guys at the mega ramp. This thing was crazy, I don't understand how poeple can skate that thing. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The last of winter break

Well, Winter break is officially over as of today. Waking up at 6:30 for a 7am english class was pretty lame. Having a month off was deficiently way better than the standard 2 weeks you get in high school. It was a pretty fun winter break over all, went to California, skated every day, took a trip to tucson and got to shoot lots of photos. But its back to work i guess.... Here are some photos from the last weekend before school started. I shot a lot of film and ill probably get them back on wednesday or thursday so ill have more photos up then!
Mason brings out his A game for nice sunset photos. Back Smith in the Pecos Tea Cup. Mason is one gnarly dude!

Sergio crooking a freshly build, never been skated ledge with some steezy lighting. This place was awesome. Caleb took us to some underground parking garage that had really fun manunal pads but it was so dusty from all the construction I could hardly breath. When we left that we went exploring up top and found this ledge. That building in the background had a door wide open so we went inside and checked that out as well. It was pretty sketchy. Crazy no one called the cops on like 6 skaters lurking around a freshly build place haha. Pretty cool, thanks caleb.
Britt found this spot and caleb blew it out. Oh well britt still got the first trick here so I don't think he is to mad. He did 5-0 pop out third try as well but your gonna have to wait to see that until i get off my lazy butt and go develop some film.

Derek does the most ridiculous stuff. About 10 of us were looking for a spot to go skate that night when derek suggested this. Its not even a spot! I just shot this stupid sequence because i was bored out of my mind here haha. Some people were mad but they got over it and after we all had hung out at QT and watched Derek continuously jump kick nick in the knees. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some weekend stuff

Pretty fun Weekend. Skated with a lot of friends and took a spur of the moment road trip to tucson on sunday on just three hours of sleep. Everyone was to tired to try anything but Eric gathered all the energy he had to kickflip a gap so the trip wasn't a complete waist. Even if nothing got done its always fun taking a trip to Tucson with some friends.

Eric is to good. I have no idea how we never found this school before today. We seriously go to tucson way to much. I think I went 5 weekends in a row one time or something like that. Either way we finally stumbled upon this school and there is stuff to skate here for dayzz. Eric ignored all the normal stuff to skate and decided to get creative and kickflip this gap. 
Caleb always steals my angels. Even though I'm shooting photos and he is filming he can't help but find my angels super good.
Caleb with his girlfriend  

Saturday was a good day. Everyone met up at Chandler Park to say bye to Chris who just moved to Newport Beach California. We skated the park for a while then rolled around to a few different spots the rest of the day.
Britt Bank To Smith Chandler
I hadn't skated with britt in forever it felt like. I missed that kid! I normally hate shooting sequences but I didn't mind for this super nice ollie up to front smith.
Caleb not only teaches nick but also lil zakzakzak. Caleb has his hands full

Nice decided to invest in a video every other kid who skates. Once he decided on what camera to buy he follows caleb around constantly asking questions about filming. Caleb doesn't mind I don't think. He is one good filmer 

After skating pretty much all day with everyone some of us went back to Pecos to hang out. Eric had learned miller flips a few days before he went on vacation and when he got back they were even better. I had never shot a Miller Flip before and it was extremely scary. I almost got hit in the face really hard at least 3 times trying to shoot this photo. Photos stupid but that trick is awesome!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

California Trip!

Me and Sergio took a road trip to California over our winter break from school. We were gone for about a week and half. We started off relaxing in Pacific Beach and not really doing much of anything. We went to two spots I'v always wanted to skate but they were flooded from the rain a few days earlier. We were slacking pretty hard and I only got a few sunset photos while we were there. We just hung out and sat around looking at the ocean most of the time. It was really nice to just hang out and look at how amazing our God really is. Look at the sunsets he created! 

After a few days of being beach bums we headed off to Huntington Beach to meet up with Zac and Carney. We started off skating this awesome backyard bowl. It was perfect in every way. Anthony knew the owners so we got to skate this pool for a few hours by ourselves. 

We had a little cleaning to do before we could skate the bowl but it was definitely worth it. This bowl was perfect. 
Carney Big Stale Fish. He seriously did one atleast 6 feet outside of the bowl but he had to mellow them out so I could fit him in the frame. Carney rips super hard. 
Carney Front Side Air over Zac 

Zac Front Smith in the deep end 
Carney was watching my flash so Zac wouldn't hit it and to keep out of the photo he had to get gnarly. Check out that hand stand in the back corner

The rest of the trip we just hung out, skated some spots, watched a ton of skate videos at Carneys house, almost died from eating fast food three meals a day and hung out at the beach. We got some photos too.

We were on our way to check out a skate park when Zac pulled over and showed us the pretty cool spot. I made him wear my flannel to at some extra steeze to the photo

Carney Is awesome. We couldn't really find anything to skate that evening and the sun was setting fast. He took us here just for fun and proceeded to air walk it and then benihanaed it 
Only Carney could do that 

Carney adds his own steeze to his photos. He was like "Hey Stevie lets shoot a bluntslide fakie" and when I was setting up he went over and put on that nice shirt and hat. Carney is just a steezy dude.

We went driving around LA looking for spots to skate..I'm not gonna lie I was pretty sketched out down there. We got some lunch and I thought we were heading back to huntington so I just crashed out in the back seat. I was wrong....I woke up with no one in the car and sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot. I guess Zac and Sergio saw this place from the road and decided to pull over. It was a pretty good find. Zac got this crook across this buttery ledge and even this crook into the bank just before the rain hit!