Saturday, January 24, 2009

ASR Weekend In San Diego

The last four days have been awesome! I drove up to San Diego at 4 in the morning on Thursday with eric for ASR. It was a lot of fun and I got to meat lots of nice and important people. Got some good contacts that will hopefully take me somewhere. Got lots of stuff done this weekend and had an awesome time hanging out with everyone. Here are some photos from the trip

Kasper is on crazy dude but he is one of my favorite guys to hang out with and shoot photos of. Kasper hadn't skated in like 3 weeks he said when we picked him up. He said he really wanted to try a trick that i can't say down Carlsbad gap. No way we were going to turn down the oppertunity to watch kasper skate his old stomping grounds so we took off to cbad. When we got there this kids was hucking himself down the gap. I bet it made him a little nervous knowing that Josh  Kasper was watching him

Zac doing a nice back smith at Washington Street park. This place was just to gnarly. Over vert everywhere and the gnarliest quarter pipes and bowl iv ever seen. It was way to intense for me to skate so I just shot some photos.

Some of the guys taking a break from skate Washington street. 

After a long day at ASR me, eggy, deezle, tom, and brandon decided to go skate for a bit before the sun went down. We went to this gap I remembered seeing during a previous SD trip and Tom bs flipped it like 4th try. Dude rips 
Carney showed up to ASR on friday. It was good to see that guy again, he's one cool dude. 
Eric and Kenny repping the new shirts . Kenny drew all the graphics for the new siren boards and shirts. They are look super good

Some of the guys at the mega ramp. This thing was crazy, I don't understand how poeple can skate that thing. 

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