Saturday, January 10, 2009

California Trip!

Me and Sergio took a road trip to California over our winter break from school. We were gone for about a week and half. We started off relaxing in Pacific Beach and not really doing much of anything. We went to two spots I'v always wanted to skate but they were flooded from the rain a few days earlier. We were slacking pretty hard and I only got a few sunset photos while we were there. We just hung out and sat around looking at the ocean most of the time. It was really nice to just hang out and look at how amazing our God really is. Look at the sunsets he created! 

After a few days of being beach bums we headed off to Huntington Beach to meet up with Zac and Carney. We started off skating this awesome backyard bowl. It was perfect in every way. Anthony knew the owners so we got to skate this pool for a few hours by ourselves. 

We had a little cleaning to do before we could skate the bowl but it was definitely worth it. This bowl was perfect. 
Carney Big Stale Fish. He seriously did one atleast 6 feet outside of the bowl but he had to mellow them out so I could fit him in the frame. Carney rips super hard. 
Carney Front Side Air over Zac 

Zac Front Smith in the deep end 
Carney was watching my flash so Zac wouldn't hit it and to keep out of the photo he had to get gnarly. Check out that hand stand in the back corner

The rest of the trip we just hung out, skated some spots, watched a ton of skate videos at Carneys house, almost died from eating fast food three meals a day and hung out at the beach. We got some photos too.

We were on our way to check out a skate park when Zac pulled over and showed us the pretty cool spot. I made him wear my flannel to at some extra steeze to the photo

Carney Is awesome. We couldn't really find anything to skate that evening and the sun was setting fast. He took us here just for fun and proceeded to air walk it and then benihanaed it 
Only Carney could do that 

Carney adds his own steeze to his photos. He was like "Hey Stevie lets shoot a bluntslide fakie" and when I was setting up he went over and put on that nice shirt and hat. Carney is just a steezy dude.

We went driving around LA looking for spots to skate..I'm not gonna lie I was pretty sketched out down there. We got some lunch and I thought we were heading back to huntington so I just crashed out in the back seat. I was wrong....I woke up with no one in the car and sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot. I guess Zac and Sergio saw this place from the road and decided to pull over. It was a pretty good find. Zac got this crook across this buttery ledge and even this crook into the bank just before the rain hit! 

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