Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The last of winter break

Well, Winter break is officially over as of today. Waking up at 6:30 for a 7am english class was pretty lame. Having a month off was deficiently way better than the standard 2 weeks you get in high school. It was a pretty fun winter break over all, went to California, skated every day, took a trip to tucson and got to shoot lots of photos. But its back to work i guess.... Here are some photos from the last weekend before school started. I shot a lot of film and ill probably get them back on wednesday or thursday so ill have more photos up then!
Mason brings out his A game for nice sunset photos. Back Smith in the Pecos Tea Cup. Mason is one gnarly dude!

Sergio crooking a freshly build, never been skated ledge with some steezy lighting. This place was awesome. Caleb took us to some underground parking garage that had really fun manunal pads but it was so dusty from all the construction I could hardly breath. When we left that we went exploring up top and found this ledge. That building in the background had a door wide open so we went inside and checked that out as well. It was pretty sketchy. Crazy no one called the cops on like 6 skaters lurking around a freshly build place haha. Pretty cool, thanks caleb.
Britt found this spot and caleb blew it out. Oh well britt still got the first trick here so I don't think he is to mad. He did 5-0 pop out third try as well but your gonna have to wait to see that until i get off my lazy butt and go develop some film.

Derek does the most ridiculous stuff. About 10 of us were looking for a spot to go skate that night when derek suggested this. Its not even a spot! I just shot this stupid sequence because i was bored out of my mind here haha. Some people were mad but they got over it and after we all had hung out at QT and watched Derek continuously jump kick nick in the knees. 

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