Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some weekend stuff

Pretty fun Weekend. Skated with a lot of friends and took a spur of the moment road trip to tucson on sunday on just three hours of sleep. Everyone was to tired to try anything but Eric gathered all the energy he had to kickflip a gap so the trip wasn't a complete waist. Even if nothing got done its always fun taking a trip to Tucson with some friends.

Eric is to good. I have no idea how we never found this school before today. We seriously go to tucson way to much. I think I went 5 weekends in a row one time or something like that. Either way we finally stumbled upon this school and there is stuff to skate here for dayzz. Eric ignored all the normal stuff to skate and decided to get creative and kickflip this gap. 
Caleb always steals my angels. Even though I'm shooting photos and he is filming he can't help but find my angels super good.
Caleb with his girlfriend  

Saturday was a good day. Everyone met up at Chandler Park to say bye to Chris who just moved to Newport Beach California. We skated the park for a while then rolled around to a few different spots the rest of the day.
Britt Bank To Smith Chandler
I hadn't skated with britt in forever it felt like. I missed that kid! I normally hate shooting sequences but I didn't mind for this super nice ollie up to front smith.
Caleb not only teaches nick but also lil zakzakzak. Caleb has his hands full

Nice decided to invest in a video every other kid who skates. Once he decided on what camera to buy he follows caleb around constantly asking questions about filming. Caleb doesn't mind I don't think. He is one good filmer 

After skating pretty much all day with everyone some of us went back to Pecos to hang out. Eric had learned miller flips a few days before he went on vacation and when he got back they were even better. I had never shot a Miller Flip before and it was extremely scary. I almost got hit in the face really hard at least 3 times trying to shoot this photo. Photos stupid but that trick is awesome!

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