Monday, March 2, 2009

It's been a while

It's been a while since I have undated this thing. I mean, I'm not to sure that anyone even reads this since the link on my myspace doesn't work. I said there was "inappropriate content" in my blog hahaha. Not sure what inappropriate about it but whatever. For those of you who do look at this thing im gonna make an update.

Well, over the past month or so I haven't really done to much. I went to tucson 4 weeks in a row and didn't get anything done in any of the trips. Each one was pretty much pointless but never the less they were a lot of fun just hanging with my friends. We even made a little trip to Prescott to check out the snow! In about a week and a half I'm heading back to California for my spring break. I'm really looking forward to hanging out over there with my friends and I hope to get a lot of good photos. 

I ended up getting a few photos published. Both got the contents page!

Here is Chris Weigele's Back Tail that got a full page spread in Concrete Skateboarding. I even got a nice pay check to go with this one!!
Photo 35

Here is Zac Archuleta's Wall Ride that got in Concrete Wave. 

And here are some photos that I'v shot over the past few months. Enjoy!

Mason FS Blunt Ledge small
Britt Front Feeble

Eric Warm Up Nollie


Zac Noseblunt.

Britt Back Noseblunt Greenway rescan

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  1. Frick you and your awesome photography skillzzz
    haha, just kidding.