Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I haven't even shot a photo since I got back from California. I'm pretty bummed about that but school is taking up a lot of my time lately. I should be back to shooting more within the next few weeks because I dropped my english class. Here are some photos that i shot a while ago and just never posted. Enjoy em!

Eric Ontiveros Stalefish
I woke up this morning to loud noises coming from my backyard. I was really curious what was happening so i woke up and went out back. When my eyes finally adjusted to the morning light i was in shock. My pool what gone!!! Just like that, no more empty backyard pool, just a huge hole in the ground. Good thing eric got this stalefish a few months back before it got destroyed. Eric never ceases to amaze me, this pool is not capable of producing a stalefish. This is just to gnar..stalefish an 11ft oververt pool..eric, your nuts

Shawn Patrick Noseblunt

Thanks to my good friend britt I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of Shawn Patrick a few weeks ago. Shawn kills it. Hopefully we'll shoot some more photo soon. He noseblunted this 10 rail like 10th try. Crazy

Eric Ontiveros Stalefish

Eric doing a huge stalefish on this hip in peoria. Its the same one that Tony Cervantes skates for his opener in The Fallen Video "Ride the Sky" Tony may have steezed his trick like crazy but eric boosted this stalefish way higher for sure!

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