Sunday, April 26, 2009


Haven't really been doing much lately. Just school, work, and a little bit of skating. Still haven't been shooting as much as I like but that will all change very soon. The count down till California is now at 19 days! I'm pretty pumped but the closer it get the more nervous I get about stupid stuff. Here are some photos I'v shot, hope you like them!

Josiah Gatlyn Tre Flip Fakie
This kid...he is crazy. I first met up with him at the KKSM warehouse and he was doing the most ridiculous stuff on this quarter pipe. I was stoked when I found out was going to go shoot with him after his run at the Phoenix Am. He has some of the best style I have ever seen in my life. I mean, just look at this tre flip fakie on this super steep and skinny bank. Check out his clips on the New favorite skater for sure.

Shawn Hale Back Feeble
I got the chance to go shoot with some pretty good guys during the Phoenix Am Weekend. Shawn Hale rips for sure. This spot is super gnar and was trying a nice back feeble across the drop.

Zac Switch Heel
Zac skating a gap?! A pretty gnarly one at that. He hucked himself down this sketchy dug out to bleacher gap way to many times to get this switch heel. I shot this a while back, november I believe. It was gonna be in Concrete but I i doubt it is still gonna be used so here it is!

Britt Portrait
Here is a portrait of britt that I used to my photo class. That class is taking up so much of my time and film its not even funny. I'm gonna be happy when its over.

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