Thursday, May 14, 2009

California Here I Come!!!!!!!!!!

The last few weeks have been pretty hard. I was stressing super hard over finals and worrying about passing my classes. I have also had some health issues that have been quite scary. One turned out to be nothing at all but the other is still questionable. This couldn't have come at a worse time because I am leaving for california on Saturday. It was hard for me to understand how this could happen to me just days before I was leaving to literally live my dream. I came to realize that I suck through all this. I have been so bitter any angry throughout this whole situation instead of trusting the Lord. I'm still not sure about one of the health issues but I'm still heading out to California on Saturday. 

I am super excited to move out there. I have been saying that I was going to live in California sense I was a little kid, and now the day is actually here. The dream I am chasing is not going to be easy to achieve but Im willing to work hard to get it. I just hope to meet a lot of cool people while I'm out there and shoot as much as possible. 

Enough about are some photos!!!!

Zac noseblunt
I shot this on a trip out to cali in december. Pretty cool spot

Final Project For School

Here is a loot at my final project for school. It was pretty stressful... Eric got hurt, britt was lazy at times, tempe camera scratched 2 of my negatives so I couldn't print them, and someone in the darkroom threw away one of my prints last week. Awesome. Happy the year is over haha

Derek Front Feeble
Derek is crazy. Look at this thing, its not possible to skate. I'm glad i talked him into doing this front feeble though

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