Monday, May 18, 2009

First Few Days In California

Well I made it out to California on Saturday afternoon. Still don't really have a for sure place to stay and its kinda sketchy. Its going to be about a month of couch surfing until we can move into the house. Still happy to finally be out here and I'm hoping that I can get a lot of stuff done. I'm not going to lie...its been kinda rough though. I'm missing my family as well as my friends a lot already....

Well I have already shot a few photos so here they are. 

We went and hung out with Carney at the RVCA ramp today. 

Carney Tuck Knee RVCA ramp 
Carney putting in some overtime at the rvca ramp

Carney Switch Hardflip To Regs

Casey Carney Zac and Tom At RVCA Ramp
Group Shot while carney smiles for the camera during a nice blunt fakie

Zac Front 50 white rale
After church on sunday me and zac headed over to this long rail that he had is Siren Commercial on and Shot a few photos

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