Monday, May 25, 2009

Well...I'm already back In AZ..

Not sure what to make of this situation. I finally get out to california and now just a week later I'm stuck at home and can't even walk. I got a little cut on the back of my heel about a week ago and just didn't really think anything of it. Around Wednesday it started to hurt a little. I just thought that maybe my shoe was irritating the cut a little bit so I just walked around without shoes for the next 2 days. When friday rolled around my ankle started to swell up pretty big. I headed down to SD to meet up with my parents and see what they thought. It started to hurt really bad so I went to the ER Sunday morning. They stabbed me with like 4 different needles but nothing would come out. They gave me some antibiotics to take but they said it would be best if i came home and had my doctor look at it. Great was to start off my summer in California huh?

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