Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just an update

We're still staying In Glendora for the time being but we received some good news the other day! We finally got a house in Coasta Mesa/Newport area. I'm pretty excited to move down close to the coast and continue to shoot photos ever day. I'm actually in Arizona right now for fathers day weekend. It was an awesome weekend getting to see everyone and just hang out for a few days. We're leaving for California sometime tomorrow morning so I guess its back to work!!


Chris Weigele

Eggy Front Board

Zac Archuleta Crail

Caleb Backside Flip

Eggy Front Smith

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool and Vert Ramps are not for me...but are fun to shoot photos at

Today Me, Zac, and Dillion met up with the Short brother and skated the Bible Bowl. That place is so epic. Perfect bowl right in someone's backyard!!

After we skated the Bible Bowl we went to the Hasoi Ramp. It was the first time I had ever seen a vert ramp in person and I was shocked. That thing was HUGE! I was scared just looking over the edge of that thing. I have no idea how people skate those things.

some photos from the bible bowl

Shane Short Bible Bowl

Zac Front Smith Tail Grap Bible Bowl

First Week Back In California

This time around things have been going much better. Thanks a friends super nice parents we all have a place to stay until we can move into the house. The house is in Glendora but its really not to bad of a drive to get to huntington, plus there are a lot of good spots here. Remember the johnny layton vans ad of him doing a front blunt on a super buttery ledge? Thats just down the street from the house. 

We have been skating quite a bit and been going to some pretty awesome spots. A few days ago I was a able to go out and shoot some photos with one of my favorite skaters, Josh Harmony. I wasn't just skating with Josh though, Brian Sumner and Chad Tim Tim also came along. It was crazy getting to hang out with some of the best skaters in the industry. They were some of the nicest dudes I have ever met before and It was cool getting to hang out with them. 

Here some some photos of the past week.


this spot is amazing. Its a gigantic bowl on top of a mountain overlooking the entire city. One of the coolest spots I have ever been to. Shot quite a few photos here but I think I'm going to hold onto them for a bit.

Chad Tim Tim Back Side Wall Ride. Harmony did a pretty big frontside wall ride but I want to hold onto that photo. Think its impossible to get to the top of the wall?? Its not, chris was doing fakie tailslides on this thing and even got into a 5 - O one time. It was crazy

Chris Josh Chad and Brian Wallride Spot 
Everyone hanging out while Brandon films some stuff for his new video that is coming out.

Zac Hardflipping the Claremont 4 Block. Haha we even got permission from the school's security guard to skate here.