Sunday, July 19, 2009

Newly Published Photo

First day back In Arizona. Man, it's good to home. I stopped by cowtown today and picked up a Focus Skate Mag and found that the ended up using one of my photos. Shot this a while back, I think it was during a spring break trip to California.

Thanks for getting gnarly Chris.

Chris Weigele 50  50 Pop Over Into Bank

Photo 37

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Afternoon session at a Backyard Skate Park!! (one last before I leave)

Carney seems to know everyone. He took me to the Bible Bowl, showed me all the famous spots in the area, and took me to this backyard park. This place is amazing. Its a perfect park right in a dudes backyard. We went out and skated it today with Carney and got some photos. Carney kills it, he can do any trick he wants on tranny.
Backyard Park
Here is the entire park. The bowl to the left is kinda destroyed but Its being fixed.

Carney almost hit my lens like every try haha it was scary

Britt Crail

Arizona here I come!!!

I'm going back to Arizona for my birthday (and britts, we have the EXACT same birthday). I'm really excited to go back home and hang out with everyone and skate pecos! My family even got a new puppy and I haven't got to see it yet!!!! Look at this thing!

The summer has been awesome and I wouldn't change anything about it. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to shoot with some of the guys that I did. I got to shoot with guys like Josh Harmony, Chad Tim Tim, and Brian Sumner. They are all such nice dudes and the fact that they let me shoot photos of them was awesome. Shooting with eggy boy, chris, zac, and tom was awesome as well. We were able to shoot grip of photos and sequences of some rad stuff. It was a really hard decision for me to make but I know I'm doing the right thing by going home. I'm going to miss California a lot but I feel like I need to finish some stuff back in Arizona before I make the decision to move for good.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Josh Harmony has been one of my favorite skaters for a long time. I still can't believe that I had the opportunity to shoot photos with him this summer. He is probably one of the nicest dudes I have ever met. I hope I can continue to shoot and hang out with him in the future.


Brian is such a rad dude. I was really scared to meet him for the first time because he seems so intense haha. He is actually really funny and super laid back. He took me and Chris surfing a few times and watched us get worked. He would always joke with me about how whenever I would go shoot with all the guys he never felt like skating. After about a month of hanging out with him he finally wanted to skate. I drove up to the spot and came up to me and said "hey stevie guess what, I actually feel like skating today. I feel good, like im 15 again" haha it was cool and we got this switch tailslide sequence.

Eggy has been getting super tech lately, its crazy. Good thing I screwed up the sequences pretty bad huh? haha oh well this is gnar as heck. This spot has the worst run up ever but after 3 tips to this spot eggy got his trick.

Tom Killin it at like 8am one morning.

Tom Geilfuss Noseblunt Costa Mesa Ledge
When we arrived at this school it was lunch time or something like that. A grip of kids came out and were watching everyone skate the ledge. Tom was getting gnar so he tore off his button up, rocked the wife beater, and started showing off for all the students hahah


Brandon Wall filming some super buttery clips for the video. Its gonna be soooo good.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day in San Pedro, California

I'm never going back to San Perdo if I have to drive. I was the last car in a 4 car chain driving on the most hetic freeway ever. Almost got hit buy like 4 semi-trucks and had to cross 2 huge bridges. The spots out there were pretty cool but I'm just not ever trying to drive out there again haha. Josh was our tour guide for the day and he knew some pretty rad spots.

Here are some photos from the dayyyyy

Britt 50 San Pedro Wallride Spot
Britt decided to get all sick and different like always. Everyone else just did a wall ride but britt decided to 50 the edge.

It took eggy a bit to get the courage to hop onto this. Josh

Eggy Frontside Flip San Pedro Bump

This spot is one of the most photogenic spots iv ever been to....and i wasn't allowed to set up my stuff to shoot a proper photos haha. I was pretty bummed at first but I'm actually pretty happy with how this photo turned out. I didn't even know eggy could do frontside flips haha but he did this one with nice steeze.

Britts reaction to the crazy trick that Josh just landed.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, I still have no idea if I'm staying in California or going home to Arizona. I need to decide quick. This is stressful..

Here are some photos.

Tom's leaving in a few weeks! I'm gonna miss shooting with him. He's a rad dude and always has the best attitude. I'm glad I got the opportunity to become friends with him and shoot some of his tricks, he kills it. Here is a kickflip front board from one of many sessions at sea breeze ledge.

Chris Switch Back Lip
Chris getting crazy like always. Switch backlip his ledge that has the worst run up ever. Chis is amazing.

We met up with Anthony Carney today and skated Costa Mesa Park for like 5 hours. Its always a good sessions when you get to skate with Craney!!

Chris getting gnar like always

Carney first try front blunts

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Green House

I suck at updating this thing. Not sure if anyone even reads it so I don't think it matters but oh well haha. We finally got moved into our house and its GREEN! Yes, lime green! Its an awesome house and its nice be super close to everything again. Things have been pretty good, I'v been shooting almost every day and its good. My friend and reliance/siren skateboards filmer Brandon Wall has been working on a new video project called foolishness with Brian Sumner and a bunch of rad dudes all summer. Iv been lucky enough to tag along on most of the filming sessions to shoot some photos of some pretty big named dudes. I'll put the trailers on here so you can check it out. Its going to be super good.
I'm an idiot and cant figure out how to get the video on here so here is the link to the Foolishness Trailer

Some photos from the past week while filming for Foolishness

Chris Weigele Crook Kink Rail
Chris Coorking Through The Kink!

Chris and Brian Ditch
Chris recreating Sumners Reliance Ad that was In Transworld a few months back. That was one Long day! Sat in that ditch for almost 3 or 4 hours shooting photo in the hot sun. haha it was awesome.

Eggy Zac Chris Josh and Brian Ditch
Chris was skating this super sketchy bump over a water gap in the ditch and rolled his ankle pretty bad. We had planned to go to Belmont 9 later that day so he could get his trick but i guess thats going to have to wait a few weeks.

Some random shots

Zac Archuleta Switch Heel
Shot this almost six months ago. It had a chance of getting published but I guess it didn't work out. ohhhhh well

Zac Archuleta Noseblunt Slide