Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day in San Pedro, California

I'm never going back to San Perdo if I have to drive. I was the last car in a 4 car chain driving on the most hetic freeway ever. Almost got hit buy like 4 semi-trucks and had to cross 2 huge bridges. The spots out there were pretty cool but I'm just not ever trying to drive out there again haha. Josh was our tour guide for the day and he knew some pretty rad spots.

Here are some photos from the dayyyyy

Britt 50 San Pedro Wallride Spot
Britt decided to get all sick and different like always. Everyone else just did a wall ride but britt decided to 50 the edge.

It took eggy a bit to get the courage to hop onto this. Josh

Eggy Frontside Flip San Pedro Bump

This spot is one of the most photogenic spots iv ever been to....and i wasn't allowed to set up my stuff to shoot a proper photos haha. I was pretty bummed at first but I'm actually pretty happy with how this photo turned out. I didn't even know eggy could do frontside flips haha but he did this one with nice steeze.

Britts reaction to the crazy trick that Josh just landed.

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