Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Green House

I suck at updating this thing. Not sure if anyone even reads it so I don't think it matters but oh well haha. We finally got moved into our house and its GREEN! Yes, lime green! Its an awesome house and its nice be super close to everything again. Things have been pretty good, I'v been shooting almost every day and its good. My friend and reliance/siren skateboards filmer Brandon Wall has been working on a new video project called foolishness with Brian Sumner and a bunch of rad dudes all summer. Iv been lucky enough to tag along on most of the filming sessions to shoot some photos of some pretty big named dudes. I'll put the trailers on here so you can check it out. Its going to be super good.
I'm an idiot and cant figure out how to get the video on here so here is the link to the Foolishness Trailer

Some photos from the past week while filming for Foolishness

Chris Weigele Crook Kink Rail
Chris Coorking Through The Kink!

Chris and Brian Ditch
Chris recreating Sumners Reliance Ad that was In Transworld a few months back. That was one Long day! Sat in that ditch for almost 3 or 4 hours shooting photo in the hot sun. haha it was awesome.

Eggy Zac Chris Josh and Brian Ditch
Chris was skating this super sketchy bump over a water gap in the ditch and rolled his ankle pretty bad. We had planned to go to Belmont 9 later that day so he could get his trick but i guess thats going to have to wait a few weeks.

Some random shots

Zac Archuleta Switch Heel
Shot this almost six months ago. It had a chance of getting published but I guess it didn't work out. ohhhhh well

Zac Archuleta Noseblunt Slide

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