Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, I still have no idea if I'm staying in California or going home to Arizona. I need to decide quick. This is stressful..

Here are some photos.

Tom's leaving in a few weeks! I'm gonna miss shooting with him. He's a rad dude and always has the best attitude. I'm glad I got the opportunity to become friends with him and shoot some of his tricks, he kills it. Here is a kickflip front board from one of many sessions at sea breeze ledge.

Chris Switch Back Lip
Chris getting crazy like always. Switch backlip his ledge that has the worst run up ever. Chis is amazing.

We met up with Anthony Carney today and skated Costa Mesa Park for like 5 hours. Its always a good sessions when you get to skate with Craney!!

Chris getting gnar like always

Carney first try front blunts

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