Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Photos

It seems like I shoot more photos during the school year than during summer. I went almost 5 weeks without touching my gear and then during the first week of school I shot 3 photos haha. Oh well here they are.

Britt Rutan Back Smith Lakewood

After about three month of talking about back smithing lakewood, it finally happened. I'm proud of you britt! It was sick!

Eric Nollie Hardflip Tile Gap
Eric attempted nollie hard flip down this tile gap for a good hour. He never got it but he was close. Its going to be a while before he can go back to get it though. He randomly took off for tour the next day.
Sean Conrad Kickflip

Sean is a beast! This place sucks for photos

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well, summer is over

I'm pretty bummed to be starting school on Monday. This was probably one of the best summers of my life. I got to spend two and a half months living in California and then another month doing nothing besides hanging out with friends back home. I got to meet and shoot photos with some of my favorite professional skaters. It was a great summer and it sucks that it has to end. Oh well, I guess its back to the grind.

"they don't call it the grind for nothing...If it was easy, everybody would be doing it" - Eggy

I was pretty stoked when I found out that Chris took a week off of tour and came back to AZ. I knew we would get to shoot some good photos so I was hyped. We woke up way to early yesterday to go out and try to shoot something. We ended up at the wedge and Chris proceeded to back tail this super tall rail. It was the first photo I shot in a month and it felt really good.
Chris Weigele Back Tail Wedge Long Rail


Monday, August 10, 2009

So since I have been home I have pretty much been a bum. Just living off the extra money I had left over from California, sleeping in until 12 everyday, basically doing nothing and dreading the day that school starts. It's so much that I don't want to do anything, there just isn't anything to do. I haven't shot a photo since I have been home from California besides these sequences. Everyone is either on tour, hurt, or doesn't want to skate. Its pretty lame and I wanna shoot super bad. Oh well, hopefully I'll meet some new guys out here that shred and are down to shoot.

Here are the sequences from the other day when I got a call to go out to Phoenix and actually do something haha. I normally hate shooting sequences but I was just happy to be behind the lens again.

I knew Eric Hill was super good but I had only heard people talk about him. He did this super tech trick like 10th try. He is a really cool dude as well. Hopefully we go out and shoot some more.

Marcus Carr killing it. He to is a really cool dude and I hope we get to shoot more in the future.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Newly Published Photo

Just got this photo of Josiah published in Concrete. I shot this during the weekend of the Phoenix AM when he was in town. I really had no idea who he was at the time but now he is blowing up. Check out his stuff on the, he kills it. He is also a super nice dude and I'm glad I had the opportunity to shoot photos with him.


Josiah  Gatlyn Tre Flip Fakie
He posted something on facebook the other day saying that people were complaining about his tre flips and how they are "over steezed." I heard a few kids at the skate park saying that as well. I honestly don't know how you can hate on this tre flip.....its perfect. I mean come on, spread eagle, one foot catch tre flips are the best thing ever.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flagstaff Day Tip

Me, Derek, Nick, Caleb, and Zak took a little day trip up to Flagstaff, Arizona. We woke up at 5am to get ready to go and we finally got on the road at about 7am. I only had about 4 hours of sleep myself but It was a different story for Caleb and Nick. They only got about an hour because Caleb got a phone call from his sister around 3am and they had to help her out/drive her somewhere. So we were all pretty tired but we made it through the day and the trip was a lot of fun. We started off at this little ditch spot off the side of the freeway. None of us were sure what Zak was trying to do but he ended up landing in some dirt, sticking, and went flying through the air straight to his head. Yep, first spot of the day around 9am and someone was already getting hurt. Zak was alright but the fall was pretty funny. I think Nick and Caleb are making a montage of the trip and Zak's flop will be in there for sure. Ill post it whenever they get around to making it.

Caleb Filming In Flagstaff Pool


Two Guns
After the ditch spot we skated the flagstaff skate park for a bit. After that we headed out to the pool I know about in the middle of no where. Its probably one of the coolest/creepiest places ever.

Derek Putting Cleaning Pool Two Guns
There was some of the gnarliest buga i have ever seen living in this puddle of water that we had to clean out. The water looked like pee to...sketchy

Derek Cleaning Pool 2 Two Guns
Derek didn't mind the nasty water, i think he like it

Caleb and Zak Two Guns
Lazy Filmers

Nick getting gnar as heck. The try before this he ate it sooooooo hard but I wasn't ready so I didn't get

Caleb Backsmith Flagstaff High
After the pool we headed to Flagstaff High. There is this baby handicap rail there along with some super chunky ledges and manual pads. I was bored so I decided to shoot some photos. Caleb back smith like always

Derek Front Feeble Flagstaff High
Derek Front Feebzzzzz