Monday, August 10, 2009

So since I have been home I have pretty much been a bum. Just living off the extra money I had left over from California, sleeping in until 12 everyday, basically doing nothing and dreading the day that school starts. It's so much that I don't want to do anything, there just isn't anything to do. I haven't shot a photo since I have been home from California besides these sequences. Everyone is either on tour, hurt, or doesn't want to skate. Its pretty lame and I wanna shoot super bad. Oh well, hopefully I'll meet some new guys out here that shred and are down to shoot.

Here are the sequences from the other day when I got a call to go out to Phoenix and actually do something haha. I normally hate shooting sequences but I was just happy to be behind the lens again.

I knew Eric Hill was super good but I had only heard people talk about him. He did this super tech trick like 10th try. He is a really cool dude as well. Hopefully we go out and shoot some more.

Marcus Carr killing it. He to is a really cool dude and I hope we get to shoot more in the future.

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