Saturday, November 28, 2009


This trip started out pretttttty lame. The car battery exploded when we first got into Newport which forced us to sit outside a car repair shop for almost 4 hours. We all woke up super late this morning and didn't get to the first spot until almost 2pm. However, we did get some good stuff today which made it a little better
Eric Stalefish 180 605 Ditch Bump
Eric got pretty buck today

Deezle Blunt 180 605 Ditch
Good thing I deleted all the attempts on accident except this horribly timed one.

Josiah Gatlyn 605 Ditch
Josiah Gatlyn Chillin 605 Ditch

Eric sunset 605

Britt suck it
Britt was pouting all day because we went to spots he didn't want to skate. We made him stop boards from going into the water because of that.
Deezle is wayyy to good

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