Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rainy days are the worst

Why does it only seem to rain on the weekends? With nothing to do but sit inside on my laptop I decided to look through all my old unedited photos on my hard drive. I was looking through the photos I shot during last summer when I was staying out in California. I was super bored so I decided to edit some of the photos that I never bothered to upload.

Funny how last summer I was living in beautiful southern California just skating and going to the beach everyday...and this summer I'll be taking a full schedule of summer school. I hate you college.

Brian Sumner Frontside Heel Laguna Edit

Zac Noseblunt Huntington High Ledge

Chris Weigele Switch Front Crook Huntington Ledge Film

Eggy FS Flip San Pedro Bump2
This -

Tom Geilfuss Noseblunt Costa Mesa Ledge

Chris Switch Big Flip Belmont 9 Stair
I'm so bummed chris never pulled this. Went back four times for at least 3 hours every time. I'm glad my camera still works after trying to shoot a sequence of this for so long haha. Hopefully he goes back one day and lands it. Switch Big Flip is crazzzzy

Carney Stalefish Backyard Ramp

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