Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This photo project is going be harder then I thought...

After taking a semester off from photo I decided to sign up for the advanced class. It seemed pretty cool and I was missing the dark room. I basically get a whole semester to work on one final project. For my final I decided to do a series of skate shots with a corresponding lifestyle photo of the skater. I was pretty hyped on the idea and was really stoked to go shoot. Well, after getting my first roll back I realized this is going be harder than I thought. I need 20 perfect prints (10 skate shots and 10 lifestyles) by the first week in May. I was hoping to have britt and eric's skate shots out of the way after this weekend but I'm not all hyped on these shots. Ughhh this is going to stressful

Britt pjotdcg
I really want to shoot this on some slide film

Eric Nollie Church Double Set

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