Monday, September 27, 2010

Last minute trip to California

I finally got a weekend off and decided to head out to California. It was a pretty rad tip.
Me and Garritt spent a few days in nice weather and got a few photos. Fun weekend for sure.

Garritt Gilbert Frontside Smith Huntington BarSmall

Garritt Gilbert Front Smith LL

Garritt Gilbert Frontside 5-O Oceansidesmall

Garritt Gilbert Del Mar Banks

35mm ftw

Jordan Raths Feeble Del Mar


Garritt Gilbert Frontside Feeble

Jordon Raths Del Mar Chillin

Garritt Gilbert 5050 Oceanside

Mike Madzuca Bluntslide

Garritt Throw Down in Huntington

Brandon Walker

Jordon Raths Del Mar Banks

Blue On A Lake

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